Saturday, April 03, 2010

Schubert Quintet on April 3, 2010

Infinitudes of love.
There can't be more than one infinity,
at least mathematically.
Heart in head,
there is more than one.

let the infintudes of love wash over you,
over us,
let this love run as water from a fall,
cascading over our finite bodies.

let this love and it's possibilities
wash over us.

let this love rinse the pain from
our finite bodies.

let this love reassure .

let this love guide us into our own infinity.

In an infinity of numbers
there is the possibility that
in another place where we are seated together
washed in this love.
that whatever pain is in you
has not happened and never will.

let the love wash you.

Your love has guided me,
saved me from the darkness that
has followed me,
a shadow of the darkness unlit within.

Your love in its infintude
has lit the darkness and for this

I am humbled and grateful.